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Stainless Steel Solar Lights

Westinghouse 15-piece Cobalt Stainless Steel Solar Lights

This solar landscaping light set features a stainless steel finish that is corrosion resistant. Each light contains two 600 mAh NiCad batteries that charge each day when placed in a full sun area. Lighting is provided by two LED bulbs inside ribbed glass. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, to spend the rest of the day recharging their solar cell.

These stainless steel solar lights are easy to install since there is no wiring to worry about. Place them wherever you need a little light. They can highlight flower beds or place focus on a particular plant or tree you'd like to highlight. These lights can be placed along a walkway, pools or around a deck to provide soft evening light in areas where you may like to relax or entertain.

Cobalt Stainless Steel Solar Lights Features

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  • This set contains fifteen piecesÂ… enough to lightscape an entire yard.
  • Attractive stainless steel finish is rust resistant and durable.
  • No worries about timersÂ… lights automatically come on at night and turn off in the morning.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Each light is equipped with 2 LED bulbs and 2 NiCad batteries.

What We Like

The stainless steel solar lights are attractive. They look very nice when installed and the installation process is easy. Assembly is also easy to manage. The real metal and glass construction is a nice change from the usual flimsy plastic used in solar lighting. Unlike many outdoor lighting sets, the LED lights provide a true white light that shines nicely.

The price is extremely reasonable for such a quantity of lights. The solar panels work well in full sun, and some customers have reported they work well even when covered with a layer of snow. Westinghouse provides excellent customer service.

What We Don't Like

On the down side, whether or not your solar lights work seems to depend on which batch you get. Out of several people who purchased this item and installed them in their yard, about half worked extremely well and the other half worked sporadically if at all.

The batteries that are included don't seem to charge as well as replacement batteries. Some customers have reported problems with the solar panels needing direct sun all day long to charge the batteries enough to remain lit for several hours at night. It is not clear if this is due to the quality of the panels themselves, if the batteries are not adequate for the job or if having two bulbs is just too much strain on the power supply.

Some customers could not get the panels to charge with partial shade or with overcast weather. Be sure to check the workmanship and condition of the lights when you unpack them. Some screws need tightening and damage may occur during shipping.


In conclusion, these stainless steel solar lights worked well about half the time. Some customers have complained of faulty panels, batteries and poor workmanship, while others are raving that these lights are everything they hoped for and more.

If you decide to try these solar lights, check that you've removed the plastic sheeting off of the solar panels before use and that the on/off switches have been switched on to maximize the chances you'll have a good experience with these lights.

Shop and Compare Stainless Steel Solar Lights

Listed below are some of the online places that we found this solar stainless light.

Ebay is a great place to find a bargain. To view all Westinghouse solar lights on Ebay click on the view all items.

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