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Solar Umbrella Lights

Review of Solar Powered Umbrella

solar umbrella lights

Solar umbrella lights are a perfect way to add a little mood lighting to your outdoor entertainment area. The soft glow of the solar lights adds romance and magic to your deck or yard.

The solar powered umbrella stretches 9 feet to cover a small table or a couple of chairs. The solar-charged LED lights are embedded into the umbrella ribs in a fashion that hides all signs of unsightly wiring. The solar panel is out of sight on top of the umbrella, in the perfect place to catch all the sun's rays.

The solar umbrella lights do not need any traditional electricity, so you are not only enjoying the soft glow of the lights, but you are doing it at no cost.

The umbrella does double duty¬Ö it shades you during the day while the batteries are charging from the sun, and it lights up your evenings when you entertain.

Mount your solar umbrella lights over a traditional outdoor table to provide a romantic glow over your outdoor dining without having to rely on candles. You could also set it up over a couple of chairs to create an intimate seating area.

Another idea would be to set it up over an outdoor bar or near a pool where the soft lighting can be reflected in the water.

What We Like

The solar umbrella lights create a nice ambiance. The umbrella comes in a variety of colors to choose from, so it will match almost any patio furniture you may have. The solar panel is hidden on top of the umbrella so it is out of sight, but also in the best place to catch the greatest amount of sun. The manual on/off switch is handy so you don't have to have the lights on if you don't want to.

What We Don't Like

The lights could be a little brighter, but they do function well.

Solar Patio Umbrella Features

  • The umbrella lights are fitted with an Ni-Mh rechargeable battery.
  • There is a 2000MA charging capacity.
  • The umbrella is fitted with 24 super bright white LED bulbs.
  • The lights burn for 6 to 8 hours after being charged during the day.
  • The solar panel is a high quality mono crystalline solar cell.
  • The fabric of the umbrella is made of stain resistant, durable polyester.
  • The umbrella is coated with a water resistant coating.
  • There is a choice of umbrella colors.
  • Special construction hides all the wires to the lights from view.
  • A manual on/off switch makes the lights easy to use.


In conclusion, the solar umbrella lights are a great addition to the outdoor decor. They add a gentle glow that creates romance and ambiance. They work well, and the solar panel is large enough to charge the batteries for a night's use.

The umbrella colors are varied and the fabric is durable and weather resistant. The umbrella is well made and the lights are attached in such a way that any wiring between the bulbs and the battery is well hidden.

While the lights are a little dim, they really aren't designed to illuminate an area. They are meant to be mood lighting only.

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