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Solar Tiki Lights

Westinghouse Solar Tiki Lights Four Piece Flickering Set in Stainless Steel

Solar tiki lights take you to the next level by giving you the look of a tiki torch with the safety of solar lighting. There are no open flames or electric wiring to contend with. They can add a lot of charm and romance to your outdoor surroundings with their gentle, flickering light.

Westinghouse's solar flickering lights are made of steel for durability. They come in two colors: antique copper and stainless steel. These stylish yet affordable lights from Westinghouse are a safe way to enhance the ambiance of your yard.

Solar tiki lights look great around a hot tub or deck. They also look nice set in among the landscaping plants or around a water feature, adding a tropical touch with their flickering lights.

Another use would be to place them around a sitting or eating area to add needed illumination and create mood lighting.

Solar Tiki Torch Features

  • This set is part of the Napa Village Collection. You can get matching accessories.
  • There are 4 torches in the set.
  • The torches are plated with an antique copper finish or stainless steel.
  • The lens on the torch is made of glass.
  • The entire torch is made of durable steel construction.
  • Two 600 mAh batteries are included.
  • Four amber LED bulbs are included with the copper finished torches and white with the stainless steel.
  • Torches stand at 57.5" tall.
  • Torches feature a flickering light that resembles the flame of an authentic tiki torch.

What We Like

These lights are easy to assemble and can be moved about easily, so anyone can set these up. They are attractive in both finishes, you can choose antique copper or stainless steel… whichever suits your garden decor.

Construction is of durable steel and real glass around the LED bulbs. These lights are much sturdier than the cheap bamboo torches that can be found at most garden centers. They are also height adjustable. The flickering of the bulb is attractive and a convincing imitation of a flame. Bulbs are easy to change when needed, and they provide a nice gentle illumination. The price is also very reasonable.

What We Don't Like

Some torches seem to rust rather quickly. Others seem to hold their finish very well, so your mileage may vary. The batteries may need to be replaced. If you're looking for bright illumination, this will not be a good choice.


Overall, these solar tiki lights were very pleasing. They are easy to put together and install and can easily be moved. The gentle light provided create a nice ambiance to the area. They seem to hold up well to weather in most cases, although some may rust more quickly than others.

Be prepared to replace the battery if needed. These solar lights travel well and can be adjusted easily in height, so if you travel frequently in an RV, you can use them to decorate your campsite and add a little illumination. They make a lovely addition to a deck, garden or water feature.

Update: These Westinghouse solar tiki lights are no longer available.

Amazon does carry some different brands.

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