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Solar Powered Yard Lights

These beautiful stainless steel solar powered yard lights will make your yard look terrific.

Perfect for your patio, walkways, driveway, or garden, these lights feature a very sensitive PV solar panel. The panel is the same as those used on solar powered calculators.

These solar lights work great on less sunlight for more hours at night. The LED bulbs are bright enough to provide a lovely ambiance in your yard.

Use these lights for mood lighting or to light pathways to provide a safe walkway. They are easy to install, just pop them in the ground. Take them with you when you go camping to provide lighting at night.

What We Like

solar powered yard lights These solar powered yard lights soak up energy from the sun much more quickly than older models. While the instructions mention it may take three days to charge, they often shine brightly the very first night.

The shaft is stronger on these and they do not break easily when you put them into the ground. They function well even on cloudy days or with part shade.

The stainless steel housing is attractive and they don't look cheap like many other solar lights. The lights are very easy to install and seem to be very durable.

Perfect for ambience lighting, they can be used to highlight an area of the garden, a specimen planting or a seating area.

What We Don't Like

Some of the solar powered yard lights stop working in a relatively short time. The light output is low when compared to wired yard lights, even with an improved solar panel and LED lights. They would only be suitable for ambiance lighting.


  • Clear lamp shades
  • Stainless steel finish
  • High output ultrabright LED bulbs for long lasting performance
  • Easy installation; no wires required
  • Extremely sensitive solar panel like those used on calculators make the most of the sun's power
  • Upgraded circuit board is compatible with both NiMh and NiCd batteries
  • 36.5 inches tall


These solar powered yard lights function as promised, storing sunlight and creating light all night long. The well-designed stainless steel housing looks great in the yard and is sure to get you compliments.

The price is reasonable for the number of lights you get in this set. For the most part, they seem to work for a long time before you need to replace the batteries in the housing. The solar panels are a more efficient version.

They need less sunlight to provide power for longer periods of time. They work well on cloudy days and even when they get shade for a good portion of the day.

The great thing about solar lights is their ease of installation. Just stick them in the ground and you're done! Because of this, you are saved hours of digging to lay down electrical wires and you don't need to study up on electronics to set them up properly.

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