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Solar Powered String Lights

Solar powered string lights will make holiday decorating easier than ever. You won't need to worry about having enough extension cords and outlets with these lovely solar powered lights.

With 40 feet of string lighting, you have plenty of length to wrap around shrubs, trees or other items you wish to decorate. After soaking up power all day long from the sun, the lights turn on automatically at dusk.

The lights come in several colors, including white, green, red, and blue. You can choose whether you want the lights to remain on steadily or to twinkle.

These lights can be left up to enjoy all year long. During the holidays, they soak up enough sun even on dim, cloudy days to function well.

What We Like

The solar powered string lights are attractive and easy to use. They are great for decorating for the holidays, for parties or just because.

You can decide if you want them to glow steadily or blink on and off.

There is no messing with extension cords and over-extended outlets. They add a touch of whimsy to any area outdoors. The length of cord from the solar panel to the light string is generous. These lights are great for any useĀ… you are limited only by your imagination.

The lights are durable and long lasting, even standing up to rain and wind. The solar panel works great even on cloudy days.

They are perfect for arbors, trees, hedges, fences, outbuildings or anything else you want to decorate. The length of the string is just enough to do a small tree or arbor easily.

What We Don't Like

The solar powered string lights are a bit expensive compared to normal string lights. The bulbs are very small. The white lights have a bit of bluish tint to them, so it is not a true white. It would be nice if they added yellow to their color range. It would also be nice to see different lengths available for different applications.

Product Features

  • Perfect for decorating shrubs, trees and buildings
  • 102 long-lived LED lights that can be controlled by an automatic sensor
  • Available in green, red, blue, and white
  • Resistant to water and weather
  • No wires, outlets or electricity required
  • 40 feet of string attached to a convenient solar panel
  • Versatile and convenient


Overall, the solar powered string lights work great. They last a long time, the solar panel works in low light and the string is versatile. This product comes in many popular colors for decorating.

While they are a bit pricey for many people, if you really want to decorate outdoors and you don't want to add to your electric bill, these lights can't be beat.

These lights use long lasting LED bulbs, and they have performed well in all the tests. They are very highly recommended.

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