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Solar Powered Motion Light

Solar Powered Motion Activated Security Light 10W Halogen

Solar powered motion lights are a great way to add security to your home without adding to your utility bill. Post the motion light wherever it is convenient, and when an intruder approaches the house, the solar motion sensor will trigger the light to come on.

A diffused halogen light is employed on this solar motion sensing light to illuminate a larger area. It includes a 6 volt 4Ah rechargeable battery to store the energy generated by the sun. This light will provide illumination for your guests after dark and discourage intruders with designs on your home. While this light is providing security, it adds nothing to your electric bill. There is also a choice in wattage available.

You can mount this solar powered motion light on your garage to illuminate your driveway, or by your front door. You can also put it where it will catch motion in the garden. This comes in handy if you have deer visiting to eat your newly planted landscaping.

Solar Motion Security Light Features

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  • Installs easily since no wiring or electrician are needed.
  • The light will cost you nothing to run.
  • The light and sensor is adjustable and swivels.
  • The sensor detects motion within 180 degrees and up to 35 feet away.
  • You can adjust the LUX (daylight sensitivity), time, motion and sensitivity.
  • The light is constructed of durable, weatherproof plastic.
  • A 15 foot cable is included for convenient mounting of the solar panel.
  • Choose from 10 watts or 30 watts, based on availability.
  • When fully charged, the 10 watt light can activate up to 150 times. The 30 watt light can activate up to 50 times. Each time the light activates it remains on for 60 seconds.

What We Like

The solar powered motion lights were easy to assemble and well made. They did a good job illuminating a small area like inside a shed. The solar panel was set up on the shed's roof and the light would automatically go on when the door was opened.

The design is very attractive and durable. The sensor works great. This is a great way to "go green" with your outdoor lighting. The warranty offers a return or exchange if it is done in the first 30 days.

What We Don't Like

Some lights seem to be much dimmer than you imagine a flood light should be. Some don't seem to charge as well as others. Consequently they shine much more dimly and then stop turning on at all after a few times.

The solar powered motion light needs to charge for a full three days before operating correctly (although some never did). On overcast days, don't count on it getting its full charge. The manufacturer charges a 25% restocking fee for returns and return shipping.


In conclusion, this light works great in some situations and not so good in others. If you live in a climate that is sunny most of the time, it will probably be just what you're looking for. If you live in an area with a higher rainfall or more overcast skies, it may not work so well.

If you have a better alternative, it may be worthwhile to check it out before getting one of these flood lights, since the manufacturer does not offer a full refund unless you are exchanging for an item of the same or greater value.

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