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Solar Powered LED Shed Light Review

"Designers Edge 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light"

A solar powered LED shed light may be just what you need to illuminate your garden shed or greenhouse. This light allows you to add light to a small structure without worrying about wiring and electricians. By using solar power, you not only save money, but you are being easier on our resources.

solar powered led shed light This shed light comes with 10 LED bulbs and gives you the choice of whether to use full power or half power by simply flipping a switch.

The light is easy to install and the solar panel can be placed up to 20 feet away to make the most of the sun. The batteries will charge during the day and be ready to use whenever you need light.

The light turns on and off easily with a convenient pull chain. The light comes with a glass cover that helps protect the workings in damp locations.

Install this solar powered LED shed light in your garden shed or garage for some extra light. Place it on the ceiling or wall for general lighting, or use it as a utility light over a work bench. Put it in the greenhouse, RV tent or a dark corner anywhere in your yard.

Shed Light Features

  • Extremely bright LED lasts for 100,000 hours for years of service.
  • The multi-crystal solar panel is protected by glass and is designed for outdoor use.
  • The solar panel can be mounted up to 20 feet away from the fixture with an extension cord that is included.
  • There are two power settings to choose from: use 10 LEDs for up to two hours or use 5 LEDs for up to four hours.
  • 3 AA rechargeable batteries and mounting hardware are included.

What We Like

This solar powered LED shed light is very easy to install. There does not seem to be any problem in getting the light charged and working. It is adaptable to many different locations.

The light is approved for use in damp locations according to the National Electric Code. The glass cover over the solar panel was a welcome layer of protection from the wet.

What We Don't Like

The light is not quite as bright as some people may like it. One light arrived looking rather usedÂ… the solar panel was scratched and the light itself needed to be cleaned.


Overall, this solar powered LED shed light seems to be more than adequate for most applications for which it was designed.

Setting it up in a garage or shed should result in lighting that is fine for most needs. If you need to do close or careful work in your shed, this light may not be bright enough.

It is easy to install and use. The cord is long enough to install the solar panel in bright sunshine. It is approved for wet locations and weather proofed accordingly.

If you need lighting in a small shed or other area outdoors, this light should fulfill most needs without having to resort to hiring an electrician. The fact that it doesn't connect to the grid and your electric bill is a plus.

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Ebay at this time did not list any 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light. But did have many other types of solar shed lighting.

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