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Solar Power Spot Light

Review of Solar Power Spot Light

There are several different manufactures that make this type of light. Some call them spots lights and Malibu calls them flood lights.

This could be misleading to some people who expect a solar light to deliver as much light as a regular 120 volt spot light or a professional grade low voltage spot light.

These lights come with 3 led lights, which is better than some solar lights that have only 1 led. A good rule of thumb to remember is that 3 led lights are equivalent to a desk light.

These lights also use white led bulbs which produces a blueish-white light.

These lights could be used to light paths, stairs, small plants, fences, front doors or small water features. Remember also that it takes less light to light something that is lighter in color.

You might be able to get good results by lighting garden hardscapes that are lighter in color or any garden accessories that are made out of white vinyl.

What We Like

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Automatic dusk to dawn sensor
  • Led lights seem to not attract insects
  • Many will Illuminate up to 10 hours with full charge
  • Solar panel swivels for optimal solar energy collection
  • Lights can be located up to 20 feet away from solar panel
  • Most have 1 year warranty for workmanship and material quality.

What we Don't Like

  • Light beams are narrow
  • Most are made of plastic
  • Wires from panel to the light will need to be buried or concealed
  • Solar lighting will not be as bright as 12 volt landscape lighting or line voltage lighting
  • Cloudy days will reduce the light output(option for this is to recharge the batteries in a recharger)

Shop & Compare Solar Power Spot Light Online

Listed below are some of the online stores we found that carry a solar power spot light with a remote solar panel. There are many brands and selections to choose from. These solar lighting kits are available in 2, 3 and 4 lights. Prices online can vary even for the same product.


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