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Review Of Malibu Pond Lights

solar pond light Malibu Outdoor One-Light Solar-Powered Floating Light #LZ16551
Solar pond lights can add mood lighting to your yard. Float them in your water feature, hot tub or pool to add a glow that will reflect in the water. This low lighting can create a magical, romantic feel to your garden.

These solar lights are equipped with a sensor that turns the light on once it gets dark and turns it off again at dawn. All day long, the solar panel charges up the batteries so your water feature or pond can be accentuated in the evening.

As the water ripples, the light will float over the surface, creating movement. Unlike stationary lights, this creates a more magical look to the water.

These solar pond lights are safe for your hot tub or pool. They can add a romantic touch to any body of water. Float them in a koi pond or a water feature. You can even float them in a bird bath to add a little mystique to your yard. You could also place them on an outdoor glass table for an interesting look.

Floating Solar Light Features

  • This light is perfect for adding some accent lighting to your pool, hot tub or pond.
  • The light is powered by the sun and is designed to float in water.
  • This solar light comes with a white LED bulb for maximum brightness and rechargeable batteries that recharge every day in the sun.
  • The light turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn or when the power runs out.
  • The light stays on for up to 10 continuous hours.
  • You can save money and conserve energy while still enjoying illumination in your pond, pool or tub.
  • Dimensions of the light are 7.5" x 2.5".
  • There is a limited 1 year warranty that covers workmanship and quality of materials.

What We Like

When the solar pond lights work, they look great. They create a wonderful mood in the yard and cast gentle reflections in the water. The light is not overly bright, but just enough to be an accent. If they are put together correctly, the water does not get in the light and they last a long time.

What We Don't Like

Some lights don't come on at night. If they are not put together exactly the right way, they leak water into the battery area. If you catch it in time, you can drain the water before it causes much corrosion, but it can be annoying. Some people may consider the light too dim.


Overall, there are more bad points than good points about these solar pond lights. If you can get them for a good deal, they may be worth a try, but if it is over $20, look elsewhere. The idea is a good one, but this light just fails to deliver frequently enough to be satisfactory.

In the majority of cases, the light is very dim and it isn't water tight. Once the battery pack becomes corroded, the light is worthless. Unless you check it frequently, chances are you won't find that it has been leaking until it is too late.

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