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Solar Outdoor Security Light

Review of Solar Powered Security Light 30 Watt Halogen

This solar outdoor security light will help keep your home safe by providing light while saving energy. It detects motion and turns on a safety light, discouraging break ins and other problems.

Your choice of a 10 or 30 watt bulb will let you choose frequency or brightness as your most important feature. Being solar powered, it saves you money on your electric bill.

Solar Powered Security Light Features

  • Adjustable motion sensor has a 35 foot range
  • Time, motion, sensitivity and LUX settings are all adjustable
  • Costs nothing to operate
  • Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer because installation is so easy
  • Head and sensor swivel
  • Construction is durable and weatherproof
  • Includes a 15 foot cable for convenience
  • Choose from a 10 or 30 watt light
  • When fully charged, a 10 watt bulb can be activated up to 150 times at 60 seconds of light each time
  • 30 watt bulb can activate up to 50 times at 60 seconds of light each time

What We Like

This solar outdoor security light is easy to assemble and install. The directions are very easy to follow. It works best if you let it charge for three days before the first use. It is especially useful in a small space like a patio or shed. Depending on which wattage you choose, you will get more or less brightness. It is also useful to scare off wildlife from your garden. It definitely adds light where needed.

What We Don't Like

Others have offered some criticism for this solar outdoor security light. Some have commented that they think the light is too expensive. At least $100, this may be true if you don't get enough light to adequately charge the battery. Without enough charging, the light will be very dim and will only last for a few cycles, defeating the purpose of a security light.

Some customers have found these solar security lights does not point as low as they would like. If you have overcast winter weather, it may make your security light less effective. Some have even reported issues with full sun. They have commented that this light does not provide enough light to be considered a flood light.

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