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Solar LED Christmas Lights

Here is what we found we reviewed these Solar LED Christmas Lights

Save money this holiday season by decorating with solar LED Christmas lights. Now you can decorate all those hard to reach areas that don't have a convenient electrical outlet. You can easily use them anywhere you have room to install the small solar panel.

The bright LED lights will make your yard festive and turn on automatically every evening. You won't need to remember to turn them off before bedtime, eitherÂ… the lights will continue to shine for up to 8 hours, and then turn off automatically.

Product Features

  • Decorate for the holidays anywhere without worrying about an outlet
  • No additional costs on your electrical bill
  • Lights automatically turn on at dusk
  • 26 feet in length
  • 60 lights on string

What We Like

These Solar powered Christmas lights can be used almost anywhere, unlike standard Christmas lights. They provide a nice, magical ambiance to your garden at any time of year, not just the holidays. The white lights have a slight blue tinge, which can be very pretty.

When the batteries are fully charged, they shine well for many hours. The batteries are rechargeable AA size and are also easily replaced if needed. Use NiMH or NiCad batteries for the best results. The solar panels can be set nearby into the ground or even balanced in a tree if you are using the lights on your plants.

What We Don't Like

The cord on these solar LED Christmas lights is kind of short at 26 feet. You may need multiple strings to adequately cover an area. The cord is also thin, not a thick double strand like other holiday light.

If you are looking for a bright white light, you may be disappointed with the bluish tone. The price is also a bit high for what you get. There are others of better quality on the market if you plan to spend this kind of money. Some strands do not seem to charge well on overcast days, causing the lights to either last only briefly, or not to shine at all.

Shop and Compare

Amazon seemed to be the only online retailer carrying this brand of LED Christmas Lights.

Not what you where looking for?

We also found that the had solar string lights in 102 and 50 set strings, they also carried solar tube lights.

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