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Pathway Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lighting manufacturers have a huge selection of Pathway low voltage lighting available. There are bollards, scones, post-top, pole mounted, hanging and low pathway fixtures. With this large of selection it can make the buying decision quite hard. In landscape lighting you try your best to conceal or hide the lighting fixture from a vistors view. But it is very rare that you would be able to do this using Pathway lights. So when selecting path lights you need to first look at the light output and then look at the aesthetics of the fixture.

By understanding path lighting distance first, this will help you in your landscape lighting design and reduce the number of pathway fixtures you have to decide from.

What to look for before selecting your outdoor pathway lights?

What is the Path made of ?

Paths that are made out of concrete or a material light in color can be lighted using a lower level of light.

Paths that are darker such as red brick paths will need a higher level of light because of the low reflectance of the darker brick.

How much beam spread will the Pathway fixture put out?

Some path lights are made with an reflector which can change the direction of the light. If you are only wanting to light the path then choose a fixture that will project the light forward and to each side

If your path runs along a landscape bed you may want to choose a light that gives off a 360 degree light this enables you to not only to light the path, but also any nearby plants or hardscapes.

Remember also that you can change the light bulb in the fixture to achieve more or less light. If you do have to change the landscape light bulbs, make sure your lighting system can handle the extra wattage.

Frosted lenses can also be used to reduce the brightness of the lighting fixture.

Pathway Fixture

You want the size of the fixture to blend well with your landscape. Placing a to tall of fixture can reduce the lighting affect you are wanting to accomplish and at the same time look out of place in your landscape during the day.

Choosing a lighting fixture that is to short will reduce the lighting effect.

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