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Malibu Solar Lights

Malibu solar lights use the latest LED technology and solar panels that produces a glow, instead of a more intense light that low voltage lighting offers.

The lower level of lighting that Malibu solar lighting produce may not be sufficient enough for what you are trying to accomplish in your landscape lighting project.

Solar lights are best used for areas that get full sunlight during the day with no obstruction such as trees, shrubs or any other type of shadowing. The LED light bulbs are not replacable, but with a life expectancy of 25 years you should not have to.

The AA NICAD batteries are replaceable and can take about 1000 charges before you need to replace them. When replacing the batteries make sure to use the same capacity battery that came with your light or you can choose to go with a higher capacity.

You will find Malibu solar lights for just about any application you can use in your outdoor lighting. Malibu offers there solar lighting in path lights, garden style, deck lights and flood or spot lights. The specialty lights include solar rock lights, tiki style lanterns and address lights.

Premium Cast Metal Solar Lights

Malibu's premium cast metal garden lights which is constructed with cast aluminum, come in many different styles including walk or garden lights, hanging lantern, mission style and they even make a classic solar lantern for use on a patio table.

All of these come with an LED light and frosted or clear globes, depending on the style you choose.

Malibu Deck Lighting

The selection of deck lights are limited to a plastic deck light, plastic post-top light, decorative plastic post-deck light and a deck post light made with pro-grade cast aluminum.

The pro grade cast can be used in 3 different ways as a deck/post light, walk light or as a table light. The post top light can be used for mounting on a 4x4 post or used as a solar table light.

The reviews that I read where favorable for these deck lights. The reviewers found them to be the best priced, along with putting out adequate light of about 3 foot and they charge good when in direct sunlight during the day.

Malibu Metal Garden-Walk Lights

You will find a wide array of styles in the metal solar lights. They have carriage lights, tiered walk lights, mission style and bollard lights . Some come with the bright white LED, while others will have the amber LED light.

Plastic- Malibu Yard Lights

You will find these solar lights in just about any style that you would like. Made out of impact resistant plastic, they are available in tier style, lantern style walk lights, path markers, Shepards hook, contemporary and pagoda style table light.

Malibu Flood Light

The flood lights can be purchased in either metal or plastic construction. A couple of flood lights come with a remote solar panel that can swivel in any direction to capture the sun's full potential for charging.

Another flood light model places the solar panel on top of the light and comes equipped with 3 LED bulbs. Malibu's flood lights have gotten some of the best reviews against other brands of solar flood lights.

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