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Malibu Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking for a less expensive way of landscape lighting your home, other than a professional grade lighting system. Then Malibu outdoor lighting might just be your answer.

Known for making products that are do it yourself friendly, Malibu outdoor lights offers both low voltage and solar landscape lighting. You will be able to find these lights at many hardware/lumber stores as well as purchase them online.

Malibu makes a huge array of lighting including path lights, flood lights, bollard lights, spot lights specialty lights, well lights, deck lights and they even make a lighted bird bath. You will be able to find fixtures made out of premium cast metal, plastic and metal.

Malibu Low Voltage Lighting

They offer landscape lighting kits that include the transformer, lights and cable, with most of these kits under $200.00. You will be limited to what you can light with this kits. The seven lighting kits that I saw where pretty basic.

Three of them consisted of the transformer, cable and 4 flood type lights. They are listed below.

malibu outdoor lighting kit Malibu CL90004T Low Voltage 20-Watt Metal Floodlight, 50 Feet 14/2 Cable with 121-Watt Power Pack, Black, 4 Pack

This kit comes with 50 feet of 14/2 lighting cable, 4 - 20-watt floodlights and a 121 watt powerpack/transformer.

malibu floodlights Malibu LT90704T 4 Pack Low Voltage 10-Watt Metal Floodlights, 50 Feet Cable with 88-Watt Power Pack, Black

These floodlights are made out of cast metal and the kit includes 50 foot of 16 gauge wire, plus a 88 watt transformer.

The fixtures come with 10 watt bulbs, which are not to bright and might be more suitable for areas that you are wanting a more softer light.

malibu outdoor lighting Intermatic CL10304T Malibu Outdoor Four-Light Lighting Kit with 300-Watt Power Pack/Timer, Black

This lighting kit had the best customer review rating and no wonder. This landscape lighting kit features 4 50 watt floodlights which is good for up lighting trees, patios, paths, fountains and house features.

With the 300 watt transformer you have the option of reducing the flood light wattage down from 50 to say 35 watts. This allows you to add more lights to the kit while still staying under the recommened wattage for the 300 watt transformer.

Two of the kits where just for path lighting and one kit offered 6 path lights, along with 2 flood lights .

It is possible to expand on these kits as long as your fixture wattage does not exceed the transformer wattage. The wattage of the path lights in these kits ranged from 7 to 11 watts, 7 watts is pretty low wattage for lighting paths without creating a runway effect.

Since Malibu lighting is on the lower price end of landscape lighting, instead of buying kits you might think about buying all of the components separately and design your own lighting system.

Malibu Low Voltage Transformers

Malibu's transformers are made with a weather resistant housing and feature an automatic timer with a manual on/off override switch. Malibu makes these transformer in 88 , 100, 121, 200, 300 , 600 and 900 watts. The 100 watt transformer comes with a photo cell.

Malibu recommends that you run their transformer at almost full capacity, for better lamp life. They also suggest that you make shorter wire runs. This helps in keeping the volts to your light fixtures more consistent and with in the range of 10.8 to 12 volts per fixture.

One of the features that Malibu promotes for ease of installation is their fast lock cable connector .

This does make attaching the fixture wires to the main cable easier. But overtime moisture will get into the the cable and will cause you problems in your lighting.

One thing you might want to do is silicon this area and then wrap it in electrical tape to prevent the moisture in the connection.

Malibu Solar Lights

If low voltage lighting is not for you, Malibu offers solar lighting. Although not suitable for every lighting application, solar lighting does provide a softer glow that many people want in their landscape lighting.

Solar accent lights can be used in places where electric sources are unavailable or in areas that get full sun and only minimal lighting is required.

Read more about Malibu Solar Lights

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