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Multi-Tap Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

If your landscape lighting plan calls for numerous fixtures and long wire runs, then you will need to have a Multi-tap low voltage lighting transformer.

Benefits Of A Multi-tap Transformer

A multi-tap offers multiple voltage output connections ranging from as low as 12 volts up to 18 volts. Depending on the brand of transfomer.

Where as a single volt transformer will just have one output of 12 volts.

Having the option to put your long wire runs on a higher voltage tap, makes it much easier to obtain the right lighting voltage of 10.8 to 12 volts for your fixtures. You can use the lower voltage tabs for your shorter runs.

Remember that you can put more than one wire run per tap, so if you multiple runs you can still connect to the higher taps as needed.

When choosing a low voltage lighting transformer make sure you buy one that is not only large enough for your current lighting project. But also will handle any expansion you might do to your lighting system later on.

Some of the more common factors that you should know before buying a low voltage lighting tranformer is
  • Know the size of your lighting job
  • Your design layout
  • Total watts required
  • Length of the landscape wire runs

Answers to these questions and more can be found at landscape lighting design

Read more about choosing a landscape lighting transformer.

Kichler transformers feature 100% epoxy encapsulation, auto-resettable circuit breakers, secondary protection and the pro series offer a Lifetime warranty.

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