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Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Professional grade low voltage lighting systems consist of very few compontents. First you have the transformer, which is used to reduce the 120 volts to a the 12 volts . Then you have the fixtures, lamps, low-voltage wire and connectors.

All of these compontents are sold seperatly so you can customize a low voltage lighting system that fits your exact needs for your landscape lighting system. Each one of these compontents plays a very imporant part in making sure your system will last for years and require very little maintanence.

Most of these compontents you will not be able to find at the mass merchandiser stores. You will probably need to order them online. Below are links to pages of the compontents of a low voltage lighting system.

If you are just starting to think about installing landscape lighting you might want to start with the landscape lighting design process.
Landscape Lighting Transformer

Landscape Lighting Wire

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