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Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

The main purpose of low voltage lighting fixtures is to hold the landscape light bulb or lamp in place and provide the electrial connection to the lamp. Although most of your landscape fixtures should be unnoticable in the landscape, it is often hard to hide the fixture in certain situation. So the manufactures have created literally 100's of styles, colors and types of fixture to fit any need or want you might have in your landscape.

A misconception in landscape lighting is that the fixture is what gives you your light spread. It is not the fixture, but the lamp that has the most influence on your light spread. The only role that a fixture plays in the spread of the light pattern is that some are made to shield or deflect light or to direct light to a certain location.


Good quality fixtures will be made out of brass, bronze, copper, cast aluminum and composite. Materials like these are less likely to have corrision in most enviroments. The fixtures that are made out of composite are made to withstand the harsh condtions od costal areas with high salt and turfs that are treated heavily with fertilzers.

There are bacically 5 types of landscape lighting fixtures. You have the up and accent lights, inground and well lights, path/spread lights, specialty lights, bollard and beacons and wall wash lights. All of these low voltage lighting fixtures come in a array of styles and colors.

When purchasing landscape lighting make sure they are UL certified for use in outdoor landscapes.

Landscape Spot Light

This type of fixture is used for uplighting a tree, draw attention to focal points in the landscape, landscape moonlighting and can be used for wall grazing.

Bollards and Beacons

These fixtures are placed along driveways and walks to light a wider area.

Inground or Well Lights

Most often these are used when you need to conceal the fixture. These types of lights are great for uplighting or silhouetting trees.

Path and Spread Lights

Provides a softer light than the bollards and are used for lighting paths and drives.

Specialty Lights

These lights are mostly used for task lighting.

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