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Low Voltage Deck Lighting

Nothing finishes off a deck, like low voltage deck lighting. It provides safety lighting to help you walk around without tripping or falling over chairs, tables and other accessories you might have on your deck.

It illuminates those steps and changes in elevation that many decks have.

Another functional use of deck lighting is for task lighting. This type of lighting is great for the grill area or outdoor kitchen. The last functional use for lighting your deck is security lighting.

If you properly plan your lighting for the aesthetics of your deck, while incorporating safety and task lighting into your design you will achieve security lighting by eliminating dark areas around your deck.

By adding accent deck lighting you can have a beautiful lit deck that will provide many additional hours for enjoying your deck.

Unlike other landscaping fixtures, where you prefer to hide them from view, deck lighting fixtures are hard to conceal.

So with deck lighting you are not only choosing the best fixture for what you plan to light, but you also need to choose a fixture that compliments your deck and house.

Types of Low Voltage Deck Lights

Here is a large selection of outdoor deck lights

Spot lights can be used as well in creating a landscape moonlighting affect. But with moonlighting your fixtures will be above your deck and/or attached to your house, a tree or any other structure you have to produce that moonlight effect.

Deck Low Voltage Accent Lighting

The accent lights are what you will use to provide your down lighting. They can be attached to railings, posts and stairs. They are also great for highlighting flower containers and a trellis with a bench.

Downward lighting is especially good for steps and stairs, as you are not shining a light upwards into the eyes of your guests or yourself.

With the popularity of decks, lighting manufactures have introduce a huge array of deck accent lights in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Low Voltage Post Lighting

Postcap lights will give you 360 degree lighting, often used for marking the entrance to the deck or for adding soft lighting around the deck.

These lights can be installed and wired after the deck is built. But if you can plan ahead and drill the needed holes before you build your deck, this will save you a lot of time when installing your lights.

One of the draw backs of using post lights is that the light can be at eye level when a person is sitting in a chair or bench. These lights can be purchased separate or as a lighting kit.

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