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Low Volt Landscape Lighting...
5 Reasons to Install Lighting

Before you can start designing your low volt landscape lighting system it's best to understand just what all a lighting system is for. Keep these objectives in your mind through out the landscape lighting design process. You will use them later in the designing process.

Landscape Lighting Beautifies and Enhances your Property

No doubt you have made a large investment in your home and landscape. By day it is enjoyed by all but at night it literally becomes a black picture. If you are like most people you never really get to enjoy your landscape during the fall and winter months because you leave early and come home in the dark.

Lighting your property will bring this all back to to life at night. By highlighting your trees, stone walls, flower beds, focal points, your home and much more.

Low Volt Lighting for Safety

Another primary function of outdoor lighting is safety lighting. By lighting up hazard areas such as low branches, steps, pathway directions and changes in elevation will not only you help navigate your way but this is important for any visitor's you might have at night that are unfamailar with your property.

Landscape Lighting Increases your Home's Usability

By installing landscape lighting you are increasing the time that you can spend outdoors enjoying your your home and landscape. Many people are making thier backyard's an everyday vacation spot. By adding lighting you are extending the time you can be outdoors enjoying it.

Lighting Helps with Security

Home security is a major concern with many people. By adding landscape lighting you are taking one futher step in reducing the chances of your home being vandalizes or even broke into. Lighting that is done properly can reduce the dark shadow areas, making a would be intruder feel uncomfortable.

The Value of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you consider the four above mentioned objectives of outdoor residential lighting all of these have an residual effect on your property value.

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