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LED Solar Lights

How LED Technology Has Improved Solar Outdoor Lighting

LED solar lights are the new standard for outdoor solar lighting. Since solar lights were introduced, they have gotten a reputation for unreliable, low light set ups. Now that LED lights are available, this is changing.

LED is short for light emitting diode. Like solar panels, they use semiconductors to produce different colors of light. These diodes are commonly used in electronics, traffic lights and other item that need small lights. LEDs are perfect for solar lighting because they are small, emit bright light and use less electricity than standard lights.

To show what an impact this technology is making, there are now solar lighting systems available for commercial applications like billboards, signs, bus stations and buildings. The LED lights are providing enough light to illuminate items in these commercial areas and more. These lights function properly and reliably in all weather conditions, saving thousands of dollars in electricity bills for businesses and city utilities.

If it is bright enough for commercial applications, it is certainly bright enough to use at home for the average homeowner wishing to light their garden without adding to their own electricity bill.

LED technology has made a large impact on solar lighting development. Since they have begun using LED lights for solar lighting, it is possible to get several days off of a single day's battery charge, even when it is overcast or your light is located in partial shade.

This is possible because LED solar lights only use 1/10 the power that conventional lights use. This allows solar light manufacturers to use a smaller size solar panel, which makes the entire set up more affordable for homeowners.

Types of Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

You can find LED solar lights available for every need you may have in your garden. Due to the new LED technology, you can easily install solar path lighting that is brighter than solar lights were before. Installation is easier than with wired lights, and if you find you need to move a light, it isn't a big deal. With LED lights, you can light your pathways safely, providing a soft ambient glow for your guests to follow.

Solar spotlights for the home garden have also benefitted, becoming brighter when they are made with LED lights. While still not as bright as an electric 120 volt floodlight or low voltage spotlights, LED solar spotlights provide a lot more light in a more reliable way than was possible before.

With the addition of LEDs, solar led landscape lights work even in the winter with less light and fewer hours to charge. Some of the LEDs used in solar spotlights are super bright LEDs. They are at the cutting edge of illumination technology. They remain cool while burning and very rarely blow. At the same time, they produce a blazing white light on a very tiny amount of electricity.

Super bright LEDs are available in all colors so you can use them to decorate your yard. You'll see more of them in the stores around the holiday season most likely, as the idea of solar led christmas lights becomes more popular.

Ambient solar lighting also utilizes LED technology. LED solar lights in several different colors can be added around your garden, adding a soft glow to enhance your landscaping and outdoor entertaining. Whether you place the ambient light in the shrubbery, float them in a water feature, or place them around a seating area, these lights will create a magical look in your garden.

So if you have been thinking of installing some new solar yard lights, you couldn't be doing it at a better time. Your lights will be more reliable, save you money, and shine more brightly with the use of LED solar lights.

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