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Landscape Lighting Tips

These low voltage landscape lighting tips should help you when you are designing your lighting, as well as putting the finishing touch on your lighting system.

Low Voltage Lighting Tips

  • Don't get in a rut and use the same type of lighting technique throughout your landscape. By using uplighting, moonlighting, pathlighting, grazing and downlighting techniques you are making sure that you are not creating to much contrast in light and dark areas of your landscape.

  • Try to hide or conceal most of your fixtures. If you have a lot of fixtures visible, this can distract from your landscape during the day.

  • Make sure to buy a transformer or transformers that has at least 20% or more capacity left to use. You never know when you might want to add more lighting.

  • To get a more dramatic effect, use a narrower beam spread when uplighting a structure.

  • Always light up the front entry way to your home.

  • Dark colored structures or plant material will require more lamp wattage than lighter color materials.

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