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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Annual landscape lighting maintenance will keep your landscape lighting system operating at it's peak performance.

It's best to do this maintenance 2 times per year when the times changes or the spring and fall if you live in a area that doesn't use daylight saving time.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Checklist

  • Check for any wires that might have become uncovered in mulch or other areas of your landscape
  • Check the wires you have put in the trees for downlighting. Adjust the wire as needed for future growth until your next maintenance.
  • Check transformer voltage and tighten the lugs
  • Check the timer and photocell if you have one, to make sure they are operating properly.
  • Replace all lamps annually. Read more about landscape light bulbs
  • Trim any plants back that may be interfering with the lights projection
  • Replace batteries in digital timers
  • Lubricate gaskets and sockets
  • Adjust, and straighten fixtures
  • Clean lenses and fixtures. Clean the lenses with CLR or Rain Ex.

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