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Landscape Lighting Design

Doing a landscape lighting design is no different than any other DIY project. The time that you invest in the designing and planning stages will pay off at the end of the your lighting project, with a lighting system that meets all of the lighting objectives and at the lowest cost.

Below you will find links on the steps you need to take when doing your low voltage landscape lighting design. Remember that there is no one design plan that fits all home landscapes. So you need to use some imagination when doing you landscape lighting design.

Low Volt Landscape Lighting
Learn the main purposes for installing landscape lighting. This will help you when designing your lighting system.

12 Volt Landscape Lighting
Read why 12 volt lighting is the best to use for landscape lighting.

Designing Landscape Lighting
A list of ideas, of what to light in your home and landscape.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design
The most common techniques used in landscape lighting.

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