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The ratings for the life of landscape light bulbs are set under ideal conditions, with the average life of the low voltage landscape light bulbs being somewhere between 1000 to 5000 hours. So you would think with that many hours of life expectancy out of a bulb it would years before you would have to replace any bulbs.

Reasons to Replace your Landscape Bulbs Annually

A single burned out light bulb in your system will increase the voltage to the other bulbs in the same line run, which greatly reduces the life expectancy of the remaining bulbs

Under normal conditions your filament is still what we call cold. Cold filaments have a very low resistance. When your landscape lighting system starts up the amps to the filament increases, this is why you will see lamps burn out when the system starts up. So if you live in a colder climate you may have a increase in bulb burn out due to the the colder temps.

Another reason to replace the landscape light bulbs annually is that in high humidity or salty air conditions your landscape bulbs have what is called a "mirror finish", which is just layers of Dichroic coatings.

Overtime your bulbs will get what is called a Oxidation residue which is a white coating on the bulb. You will see this more often in salty air climates. The mirror finish of the lamps have a shorter life expectancy, then the actual life of the bulb.

Although your lamp is still lit the lumens output and the crispness of the landscape light bulbs decrease after 12 months.

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