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In Deck Lighting Disks

If you have done any searching for in deck lighting disks you have probably come to the realization that there are very few actual low voltage in deck disks that will mount flush with your deck.

Rockler seems to be the one with the only option for recessed deck lighting. I think one of the reason for such a limited choice is that in deck lighting disks like these, if not properly placed can produce to much eye glare.

Rockler offers two different styles, one is the round 3" diameter puck-like disk with a 4 watt bulb and comes with a frosted white lens.

Their other option is their enhancement lights. They offer 2 kits for these one being the paver light kit and the other is the deck or dock light kit. Both come with 8 lights4 watt lamps, a 12 volt 88 watt transformer and 50 feet of cable.

The only difference in these kits are the size of the lights, the paver lights are 4'x8" and the deck lights measure 3"x4". Plus the deck lights has a lip on it.

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