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Floating Solar Globe Lights

If you want to add a little color and magic to your garden consider floating solar globe lights. These small little globes can make a big impact on your family and guests as they admire the changing colors. They can be floated on a pond, set on tables with small pedestals, or placed amongst the plants on stakes. Wherever they are, they provide an ever-changing rainbow of color.

These solar globe lights feature a brilliant LED bulb that shines brightly through the UV-resistant plastic translucent housing. The light comes equipped with a solar panel that charges a battery pack during the day so the light will shine after dark. The light turns on automatically when it gets dark and shines constantly until it is exposed to light or the battery runs out of power.

The globe comes with a ground spike and a pedestal to display the light out of water. Use the ground spike to display the globe anywhere your yard or in your landscaping. You could also use the ground spike to set the globe near a deck or other feature in your yard. The pedestal makes it easy to display the globe on a table, windowsill or shelf. The globe is enchanting whether you use it indoors or out.

Use these beautiful floating solar globe lights to set the mood for a party or family barbecue. They can also be used for special occasions or "just because." They float lightly in a water feature like a pond, and changing colors will reflect on the water.

While the manufacturer does not recommend placing the globe in chlorinated water, some people have placed the globes in their pools or hot tubs without incident. Imagine how the colors would look reflected on snow in the winter! It truly would be a wonderlandÂ… just set them in the snow on the ground stakes and enjoy the show.

Floating Light Features

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  • The solar globe is safe for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The globe floats in a pond, stands on a stake or on a pedestal.
  • This color-changing globe does not use electricity.

What We Like

The LED light burns brightly, more so than most solar lights. As long as the globe is placed in bright sun, the colors will change all night long. They look great on the water, on the ground spikes and on the pedestal in a windowsill or on a table. It makes a great gift item.

What We Don't Like

Water seems to get into some of the globes and corrodes the battery quickly. If it is overcast during the day, the solar panel does not soak up enough energy to charge the battery well, leaving a dimmer light that doesn't last very long.


Overall, the floating solar globe lights performed well. They delivered as promised in most cases. The manufacturer offers a full refund within 30 days if you are not completely happy, so if you're looking for a way to brighten up your pond or yard, it is worth a try.

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