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Dragonfly Solar Lights

dragonfly solar lights

Dragonfly Solar Lights add a whimsical look to your patio or deck. They look adorable during the day, but at night they are absolutely dazzling.

The bright Dragonfly LED lights twinkle in a pattern, making a personal light show for you and your family. These lights are low maintenance and are energy efficient.

What We Like

Dragonfly solar lights can easily be placed inside a large plant like fountain grass to create a magical display at night. The light is easy to put together and it shines very brightly. The unusual design is sure to attract compliments.

The light is bug resistant, so you don't get a lot of insects buzzing around them at night.

The lights flicker on and off like fireflies. The power lasts all night long when in full sun all day. If they are in partial sun, they will dim by morning. Even when they are dim, however, they still look attractive.

Lights are charged enough in a single day to perform that night. Multiple sets can create a look in the entire yard. When the lights are placed near a water feature, you get a multiplying effect through the reflections.

Besides dragonflies, you can also find this design in butterflies, hummingbirds, and flowers. This makes a whimsical gift for Mother's Day, birthdays or any other special occasion. The price is reasonable, and it lasts a long time without problems.

The base is heavy enough to anchor the lights well, and it is made of durable poly resin.

What We Don't Like

Dragonfly solar lights are fairly well made, but if the base is dropped, it may crack. There have not been many complaints about this decorative light at all.

Product Features

  • Five ultra bright multi-colored LED lights in each dragonfly
  • LED bulbs are programmed to stay on continuously in a pattern
  • Stems are able to be arranged as desired
  • Solar light has an auto sensor to activate at dusk
  • CE certified
  • Anchored to a hand painted stone of poly resin


Dragonfly solar lights are a hit with most customers who order them. They add a bit of whimsy to any garden or patio with their dancing lights.

The pattern of flashing lights is reminiscent to fireflies, yet these solar lights make a bright presence. They are perfect for gift giving.

The battery charges quickly in bright sunlight and the dragonflies flicker all night long. The base is heavy and durable, providing a firm anchor for the lights.

The stems can be arranged to your satisfaction with a few movements. This is a good buy with quality lights.

Amazon carries these Dragonflies Solar Lights for about $21.00

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