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Brightest Solar Lights

If you've been looking at solar lights, the question of what are the brightest solar lights has probably crossed your mind. While solar lights have a lot going for them, they have a reputation for not being the brightest bulbs on the block.

If you like the benefits of solar lighting and are determined to find some that will shine brightly in your yard, good for you. You've come to the right place.

Not all solar lights are made equal. It used to be that solar lights were unreliable, dim and limited in design. Some of the cheaper choices available today are still perpetuating these problems on the unsuspecting homeowner that is trying to be environmentally conscious by installing solar lighting. Luckily, there have been technological breakthroughs for solar lighting that are addressing these issues.

Even with these initial drawbacks, solar lighting has been growing in popularity. They are affordable for most budgets, easy to install and don't add to your electric bill. There are now solar lights that fit almost every need for the homeowner, including accent lights, path lights and task lights.

LED Bulbs

One of the best new innovations with solar lighting is the use of super-bright LED bulbs. These bulbs alone help make bright solar powered lights. LEDs are light-emitting diodes. They create light without wasting heat like conventional bulbs, making them very bright. This also helps them be more energy efficient.

LED lights use far less electricity than standard bulbs. LEDs are dependable, bright lights that last a long timeĀ… in many cases, as long as the light fixture itself.

Photovoltaic Cells

Another very important advance in creating the brightest solar lights is the development of more efficient, affordable photovoltaic cells. These cells have improved circuitry that makes them more reliable. They also have more efficient solar light batteries that store energy better, providing more energy to the bulbs. With these improvements, solar lighting works well even during the dark, cold winter days that offer much less sun to recharge with.

Solar Accent Lights

These new technological advances make solar accent lighting more effective. Accent lights are usually set in place to provide a nice soft glow in your yard. Accent lighting is not meant to fully illuminate an object or pathway. Because only a soft glow is needed, solar accent lights usually run a lot longer than one that provides a stronger illumination.

The brightest solar lights used for accents can run for a few nights on a single day's charge. These lights use an efficient set up of multi-crystalline solar cells that let them charge even in partial shade or on overcast days. If you use amber LEDs, they use even less electricity.

Solar Pathway Lights

If you need a brightly lighted pathway for your safety, you have several choices in design and options. Some of the best solar lights let you turn the lights on or off as needed, so you can store the charge. You can also choose high or low power, timers and colored lenses with some of them. For a good set of solar path lights you'll pay a bit more, but they should be bright enough to do the job.

Solar Task Lighting

Task lighting requires the most power to be effective. Because of this, if you want the brightest solar lights to provide illumination, you'll end up paying for it. These well-made lights are made to cast a bright beam of light wherever they are pointed, whether that is at a garden statue or an entryway.

While it will still not provide as much light as a standard 100 watt floodlight, you can still expect a focused beam that is equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent spotlight. Not bad for free electricity.

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