Advantages of a 12 Volt
Landscape Lighting System

Nothing makes a home and landscape more complete than a 12 volt landscape lighting system. A properly designed and installed low voltage landscape lighting system will add beauty to your home and provide safety by illuminating dark areas around your property. By using manufactured products that have been properly designed for 12 volt lighting. The human skin can resist a 12 volt current without causing damage to tissue or organs.

A low volt lighting systems is easy to install with minimal skills needed, that most homeowners can do themselves. Other than a volt meter, no other special tools are needed.

Most cities or counties do not require you have a license or a building permit to install low voltage lighting.( Be sure to check with the building departments of your city or county to learn about their local codes.) In most cases their is no need for electrical boxes or conduit.


You save three ways by installing a low volt system.

First, since it is a project that most do it yourselfer's can do, you save by not having to pay a contractor.

Second, the system requires less components than a 120 volt system (conduit, electrical boxes, etc)

Third, typically lower wattage lamps are used in the system and 12 volt cost less to run than does a 120 volt system. The operating cost of a 12 volt system can be as much as 30 % less than a 120 volt system.

As your landscape grows or you do a renovation of your old landscape. Low voltage fixtures are easy to move by just pulling up the fixture and attached wiring and moving it to a more suitable location.

The huge selections of low voltage fixtures and lamp bulbs makes it easy to control the intensity, amount and patterns of light in your landscape.

Quality of Light

This is what makes 12 volt lighting the best. A 12 volt light is made to produce a pinpoint light source. The color balance of a 12 volt light is truer than most of your 120 volt light bulbs.

A 12 volt light will not produce a orange or greenish-blue cast like a sodium or mercury vapor light can, it is clean and clear, producing a much whiter light.